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Made in America since 1953

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Multiple types of thread forms

60 Degree, American Inch, Metric, ACME, Buttress, British, etc...

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Sizes from 000-120 to 15.5"-1
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Multiple types of thread forms

All of our gaging products can be purchased world wide though a network of industrial distributors.


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Three generations of precision

A third generation privately held company in thread plug and ring gage manufacturing, Gage Assembly has built a well founded reputation as one of the industry’s highest caliber gage providers. A member of the National Association of Manufacturers, the company prides itself on safeguarding threaded components within some of the world’s most demanding industries.

Founded in Chicago in 1953, Gage Assembly has provided specialized thread gages used to check and build parts utilized in space exploration and in satellite technology. The company also executes quality assurance on behalf of components for machinery and equipment operated across a variety of manufacturing processes around the world.