Gage Assembly past and future

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Chicago 1953


Founded in chicago

In 1953, the founder of Gage Assembly had a vision for a gage company that could produce long lasting high quality gages at an economic price. His vision encompasses the idea of using high-quality tool steels, coupled with high-precision thread grinders and lapping techniques to provide a superior finish that would measure on the high side of the gage makers’ tolerance. Sixty some years later, this vision is still driving the company workforce to produce gages with these same attributes.

Company Building 1968


Business expands

As the company’s reputation of price, quality, and delivery grows, management moves to a larger air-conditioned plant. Major manufacturers of component parts demanded large-size gages and larger orders necessitated larger machines and more employees.

Company Building in Lincolnwood, IL 1978


Our next big move

The perfect location was found for a new plant in Lincolnwood, Illinois, our present location. The plant encompasses 23,000 square feet strictly devoted to gage manufacturing. Air-conditioned manufacturing and inspection areas help to achieve closer consistent tolerances on all our products.

Located just north of the city of Chicago, our facility offers excellent access to O’Hare airport and major highways and public transportation. We can easily draw from Chicago’s diverse labor pool to acquire employees as needed. Services such as heat treating etc. are also nearby, allowing us to offer quick deliveries when required.

Hard Chrome Plating on Battleship


Aquired our proprietary hard chrome

As gage users’ were demanding longer-wearing gages, the management decided to offer a hard chrome finish on all standard thread plug gages. The chrome would be applied at no extra cost and sold at normal steel pricing.

The process was purchased from a leading plater in the Chicago area that developed a specific formula for plating gun barrels on battleships. The process uses special fixturing for bleeding any buildup on the flanks of the thread gages, allowing two to four-tenths of hard chrome on the wear surface of the gages.

This process has been extremely successful and many customers specify this plating on all their special gages as well.

CNC Thread Grinding Machine


Cutting-edge cnc thread grinding technology

In 2013, the company purchased a one-of-a-kind internal CNC thread grinding machine. Special software was developed for grinding hardened thread rings from the solid. The ring gages produced on this machine result in extremely accurate thread dimensions with a superior finish previously unattainable on conventional machines.

This is just one example of the company’s continuing commitment to offering customers the highest quality products on the market today.