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What does a thread gauge measure?

A thread gage is used to measure the pitch of a screw thread. This can be done for male and female thread gages and allows for the user to identify the profile of a thread and categorize the thread by pitch and shape.

What does a thread gauge measure?2020-06-16T12:53:39-05:00

How do you identify a thread?

For male threads, measure the outside diameter. For female threads, measure the inside. Thread pitches can differ between metric threads and standard thread sizes.

How do you identify a thread?2020-06-16T12:53:25-05:00

How do I check a thread gage?

Thread gages can be checked by using an adjustable thread ring and measuring the thread gage at the required pitch diameter. This works for both metric and standard gages.

How do I check a thread gage?2020-06-16T12:53:10-05:00

What is a thread plug gage?

Thread plug gages check tolerances of threaded parts according to pre-determined specifications. These gages check mating parts and provide a level of quality control for metric and standard gages. Generally thread plug gages have Go & No GO tolerance indicators.

What is a thread plug gage?2020-06-16T12:52:58-05:00

What is a thread gage?

A thread gage helps identify the pitch diameter of a threaded object. Thread gages can be custom made to check the thread pitch for metric threads or standard sizes.

What is a thread gage?2020-06-16T12:52:14-05:00
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