Military Gage Tolerances

Military-Grade Gages

Defending our global interests and the national security of the U.S. is a critically important mission for the defense industry. Military specifications require the highest quality precision products available in order to carry out these important duties. defense_gage

Gage Assembly offers the high quality, specialty gages and threads required by the defense industry. They are manufactured with the highest precision and accuracy. We’ve provided customers in the defense industry with military gage tolerances they require. We also have superior customer service, because we know every detail is mission critical. For over 65 years, we’ve been a trusted gage manufacturer because of our professionalism and integrity.

Military Specifications

Gage Assembly can manufacture military specifications such as MIL-S-8879C, AS8879, MIL-S-7742 D, and many more.

The terms go and no go describe gages that are used to determine whether a part is in or out of tolerance. The “go” gage should enter or engage the threaded component, and the “no-go” should not enter or engage the part. Working gages allow defense industry operators to check and verify the correct size and pitch diameter of the external and internal thread. These gages are intended to be accurate to millionths of an inch, which is essential for the military and defense industry.